CDF framing can be used to solve many of your framing needs

Our ligature resistant frames can be used to enhance and protect prints provided by the facility, interior decorator and architect group or staff member. CDF also provides an artwork sample selection via a tab from the home site webpage. Additionally, a link has been provided to which provides a vast selection in which CDF will also pass along any discounts received. CDF also provides dry mounting services to adhere the print to a foam board to eliminate and prevent wrinkling. This is common practice which provides a superior image. Mating is also available which creates a more appealing visual effect and is available in most any color or sizing. Framing is available in Mahogany, Maple, Oak and Poplar if being painted. CDF will color match or use any paint as recommended. Most all graffiti marks (even permanent marker) can be removed through our use of Armorseal Rexthane 1 as a top coat and sealant. See the video link from our home page to see how easily our frames are cleaned.


In addition to the ability to customize any print, CDF frames are currently in use with acrylic mirror inserts, posting of unit and program schedules as well as mandated regulatory compliance.

Pic18 rev
Pic 17 rev

Acrylic surfaces designed specifically for use in residential bedrooms are also available. These displays not only limit the wall space in which personal memorabilia are to be posted, but also provide a safe mechanism for use. Any clear tape can be used to attach items such as pictures, awards, accomplishments, schedules, magazine cut outs, etc to the surface. Most tape will peel off with the item and remaining small pieces can be easily removed or left on.