Durability and Graffiti Resistance

CDF uses only hardwoods such as mahogany, red oak, maple and poplar in the construction of our frames. Once constructed, frames are either stained, painted or left natural and then sealed with our clear top coating and then cured. This process creates a surface that resists both scratches and graffiti. Infection control concerns are also minimized due to the density of our sealant. Proper disinfecting is achieved with the use of a disinfecting wipe or solution. Even permanent magic marker can be removed without damaging the surface of the frame.

21 rev

As seen above, both permanent magic marker and ink rinse off the surface of the framing surface using Goof Off.  Pencil and other marks can be removed using only a general cleaner.


CDF suggests the use of .117 clear acrylic for use in out frames. Once properly constructed and installed, this material is appropriate for most all applications. Polycarbonate (Lexan) is also available upon request as is a thicker selection of acrylics for use in oversized frames. Safety glass (such as used in windshields) is also available.